Our discussion forum is the main support channel, as well as a place for general discussion about Outernet and its technologies. Other contact methods are also available, but the forum is the fastest way to get answers.

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for product owners

DIY L-Band Receiver Manual for Skylark is a detailed guide with step-by-step instructions for assembling your receiver kit, tuning into the signal, and using the Skylark interface.

DIY L-Band Receiver Manual for Librarian is for the version of software prior to Skylark, Librarian.

3rd party reviews and guides

staff pick of 3rd party reviews and guides

Review: Outernet LNA and Patch Antenna by rtl-sdr.com

RTL-SDR Tutorial: Receiving and Decoding Data from the Outernet by rtl-sdr.com

Testing the OuternetInABox Virtual Machine Decoder for Windows & Linux by rtl-sdr.com


Firmware updates

Firmware images are updated over the air. If you are in a hurry to get the latest and the greatest, you may download them directly from archive.outernet.is/images/.

Get the code

The source code for most of our projects is open-source and hosted on GitHub. Here are the highlights:

rxOS - Outernet receiver operating system

Librarian - Outernet receiver file manager

StarSDR - SDR library with support for multiple radios

Feel free to browse our GitHub page for more.