For 80% of humanity, the Internet as we know it does not exist, so we built a new way to share information.

How can I use Outernet?

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Connect to Outernet, sell our hardware, add your content, and more.

Why Outernet?


Learn about the amazing things Outernet can do and what it can't.

How much does Outernet cost?


See how Outernet is the most cost effective data service on Earth.


Tweet from Space

If you pledge to support Outernet for just $3/month (that's less than a cup of coffee per month!) we will add your Twitter feed to the Outernet datacast. Learn more.

Make Money with Outernet!

Become an Outernet distributor and help increase information access while building your business. Learn more.


Think of how slowly your cell phone receives (or doesn't receive) data when you've gone hiking or been on a subway and you have felt the problem over 4.3 billion people face. 

Outernet data is completely global and totally free.

Remember the old televisions that got free channels when you turned them on? That's kind of like how Outernet works, but with digital content from the web instead of TV shows.


Global Coverage

Humanity's Public Library is broadcast on six satellites at 1 GB/day using Ku-band and C-band.

No subscriptions

No account creation, no recurring fees, no hassle. Just plug in an Outernet receiver and begin seeing data in seconds.


Easy to use

Hundreds of millions of dishes already point at our satellites to receive TV, but we've made pointing a new dish easy too.

Outernet in the Press:

See how Outernet can work for you.

Learn how to start receiving Outernet content anywhere in the world! Once you have an Outernet receiver, you can be up and running in less than 30 minutes.

We offer large discounts on Outernet hardware for resellers. We are also offering exclusive distribution deals in a few markets and commission on the sale of Outernet data.


Outernet broadcasts essential information for free to every country on Earth, going where the Internet and cellular data cannot. Learn how you can add your content to our free broadcast.

Outernet selects amazing content, like Wikipedia and Khan Academy Lite, to go places it has never gone. Help it get there: "Broadcast of [YOUR FAVORITE WORK] made possible by [YOU]."

“For 60 percent of the world’s population, regular internet access is about as common as flying cars.”

"60% of humanity" is a huge number and hard to visualize. We break it down in this 1:59 video.

We support any effort to make the Internet more accessible. 

However, extending infrastructure to reach most people is costly, decades away, and the recurring data fees accompanying it will still be too expensive for most. 

Outernet is a new way to distribute data independently of the Internet that addresses many of the problems with conventional data access in developing markets.



Buy a receiver from us, make your own, or copy ours.


Works in any browser - no extra software required. Try it!


Outernet is receive-only, making monitoring impossible.

Always Free

There is no fee of any kind to receive Outernet data.


Like FM radio, no accounts or registration. Just turn it on. 

Works Anywhere

If you can see one of our six satellites, you're covered.

Large Files

Currently 1 GB/day and tested at up to 25 Mbps.

Publicly Edited

Anyone can add or request content to be multicast.


"2G will remain the dominant technology in many lower income countries for a number of years to come..." 

The Mobile Economy 2014 Report, GSMA