Outernet offers a Do-it-yourself L-Band receiver kit for users at any technical knowledge level, from the plug-and-play users to do-it-yourselfers.

 DIY Kit

  • Build your own L-Band receiver with this Kit

  • Antenna, SDR with integrated amplifier, and a C.H.I.P. single board computer
SDRx 1v06.1

SDRx 1v06.1

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How Outernet Works

Outernet's filecast is a groundbreaking innovation in broadcasting, marrying radio broadcasting with file delivery, transcending the format and time limitations of traditional radio or TV broadcasting. 

Our filecast differentiates itself from a traditional broadcast by sending information as data files, so content is no longer limited to video and audio. Now, any content format can be sent over a radio signal. Receivers automatically cache these files locally, so users can enjoy flexible, on-demand access to content.

With the global reach of satellite broadcasting, this system is paving a new way to distribute, access, and consume content


Outernet provides a broadcast for the digital age.

The technology behind Outernet consists of the following components: signal, antenna, SDR, amplifier, and free software. 

We have made our hardware components available to everyone, and our signal is free-to-receive, so anyone can build a receiver and use our L-Band service. 



Outernet delivers 20 MB of content per day, including:

  • Beautiful interactive weather data
  • News feeds from
    • Voice of America
    • BBC World
    • Al Jazeera
    • Deutsche Welle
    • EurekAlert!
    • Medline
    • World Health Organization
  • Ham Radio APRS
  • Offline Wikipedia pages

Users can contribute small files to the broadcast in our Filecast center.

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