Outernet delivers a multi-media broadcast to small, portable receivers. By uniting a globally-scalable satellite broadcast with easily-accessible technologies and rich, digital media, Outernet brings about a new communication platform accessible to all.

Accessible, portable receivers

Thousands of consumers access Outernnet's technology through our receivers. Our model is to deliver more value in a portable design at low-cost with a scalable content delivery system. 

Outernet's receivers acquire content through our broadcast network, which can be accessed by any computing device from the receiver through a local Wi-Fi hotspot created by the receiver. Outernet's free channel requires no recurring fees or account registration and our newest antennas are as small as a quarter.

Rich Content

Outernet's solution marries the reach of broadcasting with digital media, transcending the format and time limitations of traditional radio or TV broadcasting.

Outernet broadcasts multi-media material through a scalable satellite network.

Scalable Broadcast Architecture

By leveraging existing geostationary satellite capacity and combining it with novel modulation techniques, we optimize content delivery with cost-efficiency.

  Outernet's architecture is globally-scalable and globally-accessible, with a broadcast of useful and relevant news, information, and education materials. The vision of ubiquitous access is becoming a reality through our cutting-edge platform.